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From a HAPPY DWG Customer: "I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the speed of your order processing and shipping! I have ordered many products on-line and it often takes up to a week to even get something shipped, much less to receive it. When I got an email at 9 this am letting me know that it had been processed and shipped, I was shocked! Keep up the good work." - Robert
DWG 150 Watt High Power Pro Amplifier

New! Now with digital wireless remote!

Tiny Amplifier measures only 2.75" x 3.5" x 1.75" (WxLxH) remote controller with Power and volume control measures only 1.5" x 1.75" x 1.25"

One of the best sounding and most powerful low voltage motorcycle amplifiers on the market! The front side of the amp provides the INPUT and has both a 1/8" standard earphone jack and standard RCA Jacks! Now you can hook up an additional audio device! The filter, volume control and green power indicator light are all up front. The backside of the amp provides The Output with standard RCA Jacks. The power switch and 12 Volt power input are located on the backside as well, are and audio wires are included!! Plug in any audio device and speakers for instant tunes! Note: Amplifiers are not waterproof!

Use this amplifier with our DWG speakers for a BLAST! Our speakers are Marine Grade, Weatherproof and Waterproof!

Low power, BIG clean, clear SOUND!

ALL you provide is the audio device and speakers! This amp works very well with ALL popular audio devices that use a regular earphone jack! For example - Ipods, satellite radios, Walkmans, MP3 Players, CD Players, and all radio flavors!

•The amplifier comes with a stereo input jack!

•Very Easy to connect to other audio output devices like Mini-CD (Discman), MD, MP3, Walkman, etc.

•POWER and volume switches included! No need to rig up an on/off switch or volume control! These controls come with the tiny amp!

•Everything plugs in except for power, you run the RED wire to POSITIVE battery and the black wire to ground and you are done! Poof! Easy and quick!

•Suitable for 12 Volt water sport vehicles or motorcycles, motor bikes, scooters, golf carts and snowmobiles!

•This awesome amplifier comes with a fused power cable and audio cable!

The amplifier is small enough to fit under most seats, protected behind a windscreen, or in a non airtight covering or enclosure. Amplifiers are not waterproof!

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